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Paw Pod - Small

Code: PP-S

Price: $47.95


 When laying your pet to rest, make sure to bury the Pod a minimum of 1 foot below the earth’s surface. Once your pet is laid to rest, back fill the resting place so that there is approximately 3 inches of soil mounded above grade level.  Each urn comes with a seeded wildflower leaf that can be planted in memory of your pet.  Place your seeded leaf on top of mounded dirt and cover with an additional 2 inches of soil.


Measurements 8.5” L x 4.5” W x 3” H


About Pods

We know beloved pets come in all sizes. We've discovered a diverse product line can accommodate pets from gold fish to the cremains of a medium size dog for burial options. 

All Pods are constructed from 100% Bamboo and Rice Husk, and are completely biodegradable in 3-5 years after being introduced to the environment. The Pods are aesthetically pleasing and very durable and no carbon footprint left for future generations