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Freeze Dry Preservation

Code: FDP

Price: $1,100.00


We have an alternative to burial or cremation with our pets. 

Today's technology has made freeze-dry preservation - a more comforting alternative.

Cost 1-10 lbs. $1100.00

$75.00 for each additional pound

$42 cooler fee

$375.00 Raised Head fee (optional)

Shipping fee depends on weight of pet.

Through the use of new techniques in freeze dry technology, we can offer an alternative to burial, cremation or traditional taxidermy. Freeze-dry pet preservation creates a lasting memorial and more importantly, preserves your pet appearace at the time of passing. This allows pet owners to see, touch and hold their pets, and in a sense, "never have to let go."


This process takes 8-12 months, depending on the season and size of the pet.