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Why Cremation for your pet?


  • Fastest method available to return your pet to its natural state
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Portable. When you move you need not worry about leaving your pets behind. 


Why Good Shepherd Pet Services? 


  • The leader in pet cremation and memorialization
  • Operated by a Licensed Funeral Director
  • Respect for your pet
  • Reliable, prompt and courteous service
  • Professional decorum demonstrated with you and your veterinarian
  • Confidence you pet's cremains are returned to you
  • P.E.T.S. Personal Electronic Tracking System. The first of its kind electronic tracking for your pet.  Good Shepherd tracks your pets status throughout the entire cremation process.  Your Vet also has the ability to inform you on where your pet is and when he/she will be returned. 
  • Open Door Policy. We welcome you to come see our operations.
  • Fully staffed. A real person answers our phones during business hours, not an answering machine.


How does it work?


Request your veterinarian to use Good Shepherd Pet Services to cremate your pet.  The Doctor will contact Good Shepherd to remove your companion for cremation.  The cost is determined by the weight of your pet.  Call for a quote.  You can pay the hospital or Good Shepherd at the time of need.  Cremains will be returned to the Veterinarian Hospital or sent to you directly.


What is included?


  • Removal from the Veterinarian's clinic or hospital.  Home removals are available during normal business hours for a nominal fee.
  • Cremation (The process requires three hours to complete).  Up to two weeks for returned cremains.  We don't rush your pets service.  We want the same as you...your pet handled and returned with care.
  • Processing the cremains. (This process reduces the cremains to the smallest size possible)
  • Notarized Cremation Certificate indicating the date, individual cremation number, and the name of the pet.
  • Placing the cremains in your selected urn or in the urn your veterinary clinic selected for you.
  • Returning the cremains to the Veterinarian's office or on your request shipping the cremains to your home.


Prepare NOW while your emotions are at rest!

Click on Cremation Authorization Form to complete your wishes and instruct your Veterinarian as to your request for cremation

Planning ahead is easiest on everyone