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Fidge Freis-Goddard

Date: 3rd August, 2018, Posted by: Site Admin

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Date: 9/08/2018, Posted by: Ashley Freis
Fidge, you were my boy and you always will be. I remember seeing your face at the pet store, and immediately that face pierced my heart. I knew at that moment you were created just for me and I had to adopt you. You were very sick, but I nursed you back to health, and you grew into my big boy. You always loved to lay in my arms like a baby. You acted like a dog, but had the beauty and grace of a cat. You were always hungry...always hungry. You were so loyal, and I will never forget you. Love you
Date: 8/08/2018, Posted by: Derek Goddard
You came into my life 5 years ago when your mommy and I decided to merge our animal family. That was one of the best days of my life. I never knew how much love a cat could show, and you showed it everyday! Through our little battles over pillows and food you never stopped loving and neither did I. I miss you and will always miss you. I love you and will always love you!
Date: 8/08/2018, Posted by: Stella Freis
I will miss Fidge so much. He was so loving and he was the only cat I knew who thought he was a dog. Never forgotten, always loved.
Date: 8/08/2018, Posted by: Richard Freis
We love our Fidge Boy. He was the Big Boy. Loving, gentle, faithful. We will see you again.