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Ellie Stogner

Date: 3rd September, 2018, Posted by: Site Admin

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Date: 7/09/2018, Posted by: Lin Stogner
In Memory of: Destineez, “Little Miss Big” – Ellie
June 2005 – September 2018
It was the Spring of 2005. Lin and Craig had just heard from Alf’s breeder that a new litter of miniature schnauzers was on the way. We were wanting a female, black and sliver schnauzer to join our family. On June 8 a litter of five was born – four males and one female. As we communicated with Terri Houck during Ellie’s first few weeks, we were told that she was a “busy little bee.” We were not sure whether we should be concerned or elated😉. In September that year we loaded Alf up in the truck and headed to Raleigh to pick Ellie up at a dog show Terri was in. Ellie came to us with one ear still taped. Seems her brothers had revolted against her and chewed her freshly cropped ear (most likely, deservedly so). Oh, that ear gave us fits, but we finally managed to get it to stand up (although it always had a slight kink in it).
Alf was ambivalent toward our new addition and gladly let her take over (which she did). Her first order of business was to capture our hearts, which she wasted no time in doing. She definitely had a tactic for getting her way. We quickly discovered what Terri meant by “busy little bee.” Ellie decided that the kitchen dish towel was best left lying on the floor. So, when Craig wasn’t looking she would casually stroll by and yank it of the towel rack. Craig would scold her and replace it only to have her repeat the deed as soon as he wasn’t looking😊. This went on for weeks until Ellie finally gave up and Craig claimed victory.
Her registered name fit her to a tee: Destineez “Little Miss Big,” a nod to Elanor Donahue’s first movie. Hoping to continue the tradition of a family of Canine Good Citizens, Lin and Ellie were off to puppy kindergarten early on. However, Ellie was a much different personality than Alf. She was a “busy little bee”. She was Little Miss Big and was quickly expelled from puppy kindergarten – proud to have bestowed such shame on the family😊
Although she never received her Canine Good Citizenship, she did finally complete and graduate from an obedience class (by the hair of her chinny-chin-chin). Her graduating instructor commented, “there is nothing wrong with her except she is too smart for her britches and needs to be kept busy”. Yes, she was our “busy little bee” after all. Oh, how she loved to chase the frisbee. I do think she would have been an excellent agility dog had I had the time to work with her. She knew she was going to get to play frisbee whenever we would start calling, “Ellie belly, oh, Ellie belly.”
She faced the passing of Alf and then Tuna along with us. However, I don’t think either death had any serious impact on her (after all, that meant more attention for her). She loved to ride to the mountains with us when we were traveling back and forth from Oxford to our now home in Hendersonville. And, she adjusted well to the move. Craig’s bout with bladder cancer seemed to throw her off a bit; she was so used to being his shadow and seemed slightly confused at his lack of activity during the chemo and post-surgery days. She liked to supervise everything that was going on and always had her nose right in the middle of everything (busy little bee that she was).
She had 13 + great years and brought us an immeasurable amount of joy. This past week, however, her renal failure took its toll. On Monday, we helped her on her journey to the other side and she is now romping with Alf and boxing with Tuna in heaven. Rest in Peace, baby girl.