Concord, NC


Casey - Executive Assistant

Casey joined the Good Shepherd family in February 2017 after working on the "other side" of veterinary medicine for over 15 years. She has worked in all aspects of the veterinary field, mainly with specialty and emergency practices.Casey has lived all over North Carolina. Starting in Hickory, then to Raleigh and then finally landing in between. She enjoys baking, home improvement projects and spending time with family and friends. Her pet family includes 2 dogs -Ted E. Bear and Fergie, 2 cats Yum-Yum and Kobe, and a lost count of fish. In joining the Good Shepherd team, my goal is to bring comfort to our clients with understanding their needs during a difficult time.

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Scott - Vice President

Scott began working with Good Shepherd on April Fool's Day. In 2002 Scott took the chance to build a new career in a fairly new industry. Textiles were coming to an end and it was time for a change. From Chattanooga, Tennessee Scott moved to Charlotte after graduating from the University of Tennessee. During his time at Good Shepherd Scott has done a remarkable job of introducing our services to veterinarians throughout the Southeast. Scott is our point man; you will find him at most "shows" that are attended by Good Shepherd. He usually has his companion Frank along for the ride.

When Scott is not working, you will find him on a golf course taking money from his friends. If you ask Scott what he likes most about Good Shepherd he will tell you about the relationships he has with veterinarians, their staff, and the client's that appreciate the services he provides.

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Jeff - Sales Representative and Crematory Operator

Jeff is a native Charlottean, living here for his entire life and has been with the company since October of 2005.

He has three kids; Megan, Jeffrey and Morgan that all live in Atlanta, GA. Jeff's daughter gave birth to her first child and the families first Granddaughter. Jeff is a proud Grandpa!

His love for animals comes from having his own pets, a cat names Ricochet and a dog named Tigger.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys hiking, fishing, and watching a plethora of sports.

He says the best part of the job is helping people that are trying to cope with the grief of losing their companion. He definitely goes the extra mile to make a difference and ease the pain of their loss

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John - Sales Representative and Crematory Operator

Good Shepherd welcomed John to the family in June 2015. He is a native of Concord, NC and graduated from Concord High School. John studied Business Law at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College prior to joining the Army in May 2006. John has to prestigious military career. He was first stationed in Vicenza, Italy in October 2006 and joined the distinguished 82nd Airborne Infantry which is famous for the Battle of the Bulge. In February 2011, John was selected for the 20th Group Special forces. After 9 years of service, John retired in 2015. We thank him for serving his country.

John is quite the outdoorsman. His hobbies include saltwater fishing, long range marksmanship, and four wheeling. He married the love of his life, Jana, in April 2014 and are expecting their first child.

With his leadership qualities, John is enthusiastic about the continuous growth of the company. Affixed with the Good Shepherd motto, Trusted, John looks forward to making sure each pet parent feels their beloved pet can be trusted in his care.

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Richard - Sales Representative and Crematory Operator

Richard is from a small town called Cramerton, North Carolina, right beside the Christmas Town McAdenville. He joined the Good Shepherd team with a long background of warehouse management and marketing and a love for animals. He has four pets, himself: Brixx, a Dachshund mix, and three cats - Kitten, Bobbie, and Pharoah, and has been married to his wife, Cindy, for two years. Richard loves football and can be found cheering for Clemson and the local Carolina Panthers in the fall, but a lot of his time is spent away from TV. He is a very talented cliff diver and has also been a Big Brother for at-risk youth for the past 11 years. Nothing gives him more joy than helping and showing them the love and devotion they so desparately need. He hopes to bring this same mentality to his position at Good Shepherd, as he is looking forward to helping grieving pet parents have a peace of mind through the care and compassion he shows for their pets.

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Mike - Sales Representative and Crematory Operator

Mike was born in the town of Greensboro, NC where he attended North Carolina State University. He has spent more than fifteen years in management in the food and beverage industry, before finally starting his career with Good Shepherd in May of 2009.

Mike recently added to his family with the addition of Cooper, the excape artist lab that can be found in someone elses back yard at any given time. Mike keeps a special place in his heart for his beloved basset hound; Roscoe that he misses terribly. Mike says his favorite part of the job is, “the sincere appreciation from those we help.”

When not at work, Mike loves to cook, play golf, read, and anything involving sports. His favorite teams are the North Carolina Tar heels, Fighting Irish and the Red Sox, need he say more? Since becoming a golf pro is probably unlikely, he would love to open a small restaurant some day in his future.

Mike has challenged Captain Fitness and Shawn T to get him in shape. If you want to laugh out loud ask him about some of his workouts. Mike has an amazing sense of humor and can put a smile on just about anyone’s face.

Mike welcomed a son Ryker August 2015.