Why Good Shepherd Pet Services?

Good Shepherd Pet Services is an industry leader in pet cremation and memorialization. We are owned and operated by a Licensed Funeral Director. You can expect reliable, prompt and courteous service from our well-trained staff. We operate with the utmost respect for the pets in our care, you can have confidence your pet's cremains are returned to you.

Our P.E.T.S. (Personal Electronic Tracking System) is the first of its kind, it is electronic tracking for your pet. Good Shepherd tracks your pet’s status throughout the entire cremation process.

What’s the cost for cremation services?

This question contains many variables. It varies on the size of the pet, the location of your office as we have multiple offices in multiple states, and the specific services needed.

How do we know we are giving the correct pet to the correct owner?

Our P.E.T.S. system tracks the pet’s status throughout the entire cremation process. There is an assigned tag # that is put into the cremated remains and is labeled also on the outside of the bag that identifies the pet. That assigned tag # or cremation # follows the pet through the electronic system simultaneously.

Do the gold tags stay with the pet through the cremation process?

Yes. Our gold tags or cremation tags are bagged together with the pet in the urn.

What temperature do you cremate at?

Roughly 1600-1700 degrees depending on the specific crematory.

What type of crematories do you use?

Matthews and American

Where and how do we dispose of the communal cremains?

All communal cremains are spread on private property.

How long does it take for the crematory to get hot enough to cremate?

1-2 Minutes

What kinds of urns do you offer?

We have 3 or 4 very popular urns, including our Tapestry Urn, the Good Shepherd Mahogany Urn and our Carved Wooden Urn. We offer many different urns of all shapes and sizes and materials, specifically for cats, dogs, very small pets and/or very large pets. We also offer many different memorialization items, such as keepsake items, blankets, granite markers, river rocks, keychains, cremation jewelry, and cremation art glass.

Do our employees get discounts or urn upgrades?

Yes, we have cremation services available at no cost for our staff and doctor’s pets.

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What is your policy for viewing or visitation?

100% transparency and open-door policy. We have viewing rooms and all pet owners are welcome in any of our facilities at the time of their pet’s cremation.