Dear valued veterinarian,

Your practice is built on customer service. Without it, your customers have many options available to them for their veterinary medical needs. Good Shepherd provides your customers the same level of service you have trained your clients to expect, in after-life care.

Your clients are never in doubt of where their pet is and what is going on during the cremation process, because we communicate with them the status of their pet until it is returned to them.

Dr. Marty Becker stated: “Over 25% of clients never return to the clinic responsible for the euthanization of their pet.” It is our position that the reason for this very high loss of customers is due to the lack of communication during the cremation process. How long would you sit in a restaurant booth waiting on service before leaving? Cremation companies that do not communicate with the owners risk the same results, customers walking out. But in this situation, they are walking out on you.

Utilizing our proprietary software, PETS, we track the cremation process all the way through creating a chain of custody from removal to return. This allows us to communicate with the owners twice, once when their baby is removed and secondly when we return their pet.

Give us a call and let us share with you how we can partner with you to lower your retention rate of customers. Hundreds of veterinarians through out the Southeast enjoy the peace of mind for their clients by using Good Shepherd for their cremation services. What do you have to lose?